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Commercial Electrical Services in West Yorkshire

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commercial electrical installations in
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Here at Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd in West Yorkshire, we can provide a wide range of electrical services,
from light installations to full building rewires, for your commercial property.
At Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd we know how important lighting and other electrical appliances are to the day to day running of your business.
Whether you are looking for a lighting setup to put emphasis on a certain section of your shop, or you have
electrical appliances that need PAT testing, Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd have you covered.

Rewires Heckmondwike, South Yorkshire
When it comes to keeping your property well maintained and safe to live in, making sure that the wiring in your home is in good condition is vital.
The wiring in your property is what keeps everything ticking over, and any damage to this wiring can cause health and safety issues in a number of ways,
not least through the potential for it to cause an electrical fire. Whether your building is relatively new or old, it is important that you have your
commercial property checked for any wiring issues at least once per year. At Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd in West Yorkshire,
we can perform any checks on the wiring in your commercial property, and complete any rewiring work as required.

New, Additional and Alterations to Circuits Heckmondwike, South Yorkshire
The wiring in your commercial property needs to be able to carry the required current voltage to its appliance.
If the wiring is unable to do this, you run the risk of damaging the appliance or even causing a safety hazard.
Whether your commercial property is a new build or an old warehouse,
at Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd can complete any additions or alterations to your electrical circuits
in order to make sure that your circuits are working properly and are carrying the required current.

Light Fittings Heckmondwike, South Yorkshire
Here at Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd in West Yorkshire, we specialise in fitting a range of lighting in all commercial buildings.
When it comes to lighting there are three main types; General, Task, and Accent Lighting.
What type of lighting is used depends on what you are looking to light up, and at Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd
we can use our expert knowledge to help advise you on what lighting would work best for your project.

LED Lights Heckmondwike, South Yorkshire
Like any good business owner, you will always be looking at ways to save money.
With LED light bulbs you use 90% less electricity than you do with a regular light bulb, saving you money on your energy bills.
Unlike your traditional energy saving light bulbs, LED lights to turn instantly on, and do not require much time to reach full brightness.
They also have a longer life expectancy than that of a traditional light bulb, again saving you money over time!

Run Supply Cables to Appliances Heckmondwike, South Yorkshire
At Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd in West Yorkshire, we can set up any electrical appliance so that it is working, and make sure that any wiring is secure and out of the way.
Any wires that are loose and easily accessible could pose a potential safety hazard.

PAT Testing Heckmondwike, South Yorkshire
Any portable electrical appliance that you have in your commercial property will need to be checked yearly for any
damages or faults in the wiring or appliance and make sure that they are safe to use.
Due to the dangers of performing these electrical tests, it is imperative that you have a professional electrician perform this task for you.
As fully qualified electricians in West Yorkshire, we can perform any PAT tests on any type of portable electronic appliances.

If you have a commercial property that requires any type of electrical work, from lighting to full building rewires,
then give Brian Walker Electrical Contractors Ltd a call on 01924403675 or 07989383895, or send us a message through our contact page.